“A time of great upheaval and change is upon Shamadris. A Conflux of fate and power beyond imagining gathers at the borders of reality. We must weather the storm.”
-Leknaat Dulshiin, Seeress to the Emperor of Lodis

The world is Shamadris. A world of unimaginable variety and splendor. Given birth by the Creator at the dawn of time, the shining star in the void has known conflict and trial since her very inception. And now is no different. Our campaign begins in the Three Hundred and Thirty second year of the Holy Lodis Empire. This land, founded on the precepts of nobility and honor, sacrifice and all that is good has just laid claim to the wild regions of Djarian, Torgen Hills and Mylesia, and subjugated their peoples and the tribes of Beastfolk therein. This sudden expansion and strengthening has led Lodis’s neighbors to worry for their own autonomy and safety and the borders have been strentghend and fortified more intensely than anytime in recent memory. In response to this, Emperor Garreth Dragonheart and his wife have called for the Call of Conscription, drafting the Lodis Citizenry of age who have yet to serve their state. The armies of the Holy Empire swell, and whispers run rampant through the nobility and court of Empress’s Sorscha’s desire for a cleansing Crusade to be called for and the allies of all that is “Dark and Wrong”, to be brought to light and purged in holy flame. -—————————- Surrounded on all sides, by the wild and strudy peoples of Apallocha to the northewest, the realm of the wicked Red Dragon Chardis to the north east, and the Free Lands of the Zeteginean Empire to the south, it would seem the future for this poor region is dark indeed.

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Conflux and Conflagaration

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