Conflux and Conflagaration

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May 4th, 2011
We began our adventure by traveling to the town of Daisian on covert military business. We were attacked in the middle of the night by 5 Githyanki. We killed 4, captured one and one got away. Our prisoner was less than cordial and paid the price for it.
We met our foppish contact Algabar at the ‘Leaping Tree Frog Tavern’. He instructed us to investigate the Solvious Priory as they had lost contact with the place. When we arrived we found a paladin named Devin and a Ranger named Jessup holed up in a building. The rest of their band had been picked off over the previous couple nights and they appeared to be in sorry shape. We invited them to join us. Immediately afterward we heard movement from outside.
Over the next few minutes we fought off several waves of undead: skeletons, ghouls, vampire spawn and worse. We all fought valiantly and the tide of the battle shifted several times but in the end we prevailed. One mage escaped after haranguing us with magic missiles. Whether or not he was toying with us I can only speculate. But he eventually ran off.
Afterward, we collected a bit of loot and parted ways with Devin and Jessup. When we got back to the inn Algabar seemed less the foppish noble and more of a skilled rogue. He rewarded us for our service but was less pleasant than he was last time. His next order, or suggestion as he seemed to put it was to head west, and to do so quickly. For what reason he was unclear. We all got the feeling he was withholding something important from us, but we decided not to take issue with it. We left in the morning.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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