Cardinal Valindash Walaran

An ambitious Cardinal of the Lodis Empire, tending to the Eastern Regions.



+3 Inspiring Holy Heavy Mace



The Cardinal Walaran-

The Cardinal Walaran administers to the spiritual well being of the Eastern Legions of The Holy Lodis Empire and Army.He is a human of forty two years of age, and a reputation for ruthless persecution of the evil and impure. Cardinal Walaran does not shy from attending battle in person, but his true talents lie in the manipulation and overseeing of others. The Cardinal is rumored and reputed to have seen to the ascension of at least three inquisitors. The Cardinal has also instigated and led to succession four Cleansings Of Faith. He is marked as an ambitious and driven man devoted to Church, Emperor, and Station. Though deciphering the order of the mans devotions has left many a courtesan or noble wary.

Cardinal Valindash Walaran

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