Campaign Rules and Rulings

So this is a page to let everyone know what specific rules in general have been altered for play ithin the campaign setting to give you an idea of any way you’d like to build.

Stacking effects:

Any feat, skill, class feature that creates an effect will stack with a magical effect as they are two differing contributions. For example:

Keen : Doubles weapons crit range – Does not normally stack with-
Feat-Improved Critical: Doubles weapons Crit range.
Ruling: As the Feat reflects a characters ability with a weapon, it stands to reason that they would be even MORE dangerous, not less so or equally, with a weapon further enchanted to augment it’s killing potential.

Manual of Gainful Exercise +2: This give syou a permanent +2 to strength. This would normally not stack with- Gauntlets of ogre strength which give you +2 STR.
Ruling: Once the book is used it alters your physiology and the magic is gone. It is no longer a magic effect. Thus you could benefit from the gloves.

Those are the two most prominent examples.

Class Features:

Spellcaster’s bonus spells may be used to power metamagic feats even if the caster is not yet able to cast a spell at that level.

Sneak Attack damage is multiplied with a critcal hit. A rogue who can land his attack at EXACTLY the right spot for extra damage can theoretically do so better than normal. This is what a critcal hit is, so, therefore the ruling.


A two handed weapon uses Stregnth and a half bonus to hit as well as damage. The idea that using two hands makes it hurt more but is not any easier to hit is ridiculous.

Character Creation:

You may use any race with a 1 adjustment at will.
You may use a +2 Adjustment race at the DM’s discrection.
Should you choose a basic race you may take 2 extra feats, or a major bloodline from unearthed arcana. This is to balance the game for those taking the basic classes.
First level gets 10
Max HD HP. I.E. d6=6
Use Pathfinder HD where applicable. (D4=d6/d6=d8 etc.)
You start with basic starting gear plus a kit handed out by DM based on character background.
You may either create background for your character (2-3 pages, detailed) for extra XP reward.
You may roll for a random background from unearthed arcana to reieve possible items,s kills and feats associated with the background.
No evil alignment can be chosen.

  • Look under New Races page on site for new Races eligable for play.

Campaign Rules and Rulings

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