Bronoth Cliffracer

A young Minotaur hunter that fights like a brute, wielding harpoon or boulder with devastating effect.


He wields a large harpoon as his favorite weapon.
-Great Axe and 15 Javelins

-Chain Shirt


He grew up in his village of the Cliffracer Clan in Djarian with his parents and brother Goroth. Growing up wasn’t easy as he and his brother are different from the other minotaur. Centuries ago, before the fall of the demonic empire, a devil tainted their line with his seed. Traits of the devil have manifested in the bloodline sporadically since. A thin bloodline it has been as most are repulsed by the taint. The brothers did most things together and always watched the other’s back. Playing, hunting, fishing, and fighting their sworn enemy the Yakfolk. Foul sorcerers and tricksters the lot.

Bronoth Cliffracer

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