Sorscha Dragonheart

Empress of the Holy Lodis Empire


Half Elf Female Paladin


+2 Holy Lawful Demonbane Elven Lightblade. Masterwork Starmetal.


Sorscha Dragonheart-

The empress of the Holy Lodis Empire is the youngest daughter of House Kalnas. Sorscha’s father is one of the Four Lord Generals of The Holy Lodis Empire, so the young woman was raised at court, a noble since birth. Sorscha defied a soft life of nobility, to her fathers everlasting pride, and struck out on her first Crusade when she was but sixteen years old. Only she and Sage Rashadi returned from banishing the Marilith Jeksiilx and told a grand tale. Three weeks later the Emperor took the young scion of house Kalnas as his wife, and the two launched a Crusade into the heart of the realms east of Lodis, expanding the territory and putting to right a great many ’wrong’s. Since then, the Empress has ruled with a will and strength she claims is given to her from the goodly gods. Her fate she says, is the way for Lodis, and together she and her Husband make a Strong and Terrifying union.

Sorscha Dragonheart

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